About Us


Donna Banks-Piano

I am currently composing in many different genres of music. I love writng everything from solo piano, new age, electronic rock/dance to epic sounding orchestral scores. I’m working mainly to license my music for tv and movie companies. On to kudos- I opened as a solo act for the world famous, Buddy Rich and his big band (once upon a time). I received a,”Great Job”,from the maestro himself which was a rare commodity indeed. I currently teach piano/keyboard/composition and admit to being a complete composing junkie.




Ronnie Banks-Guitar

I enjoy teaching! ¬†Especially someone who has the desire and motivation to learn. There is a great feeling of accomplishment when a student “gets it” and starts making music. As we all know, music can have an amazing impact on our lives.

It certainly has influenced my life. I have been fortunate to have played at so many cool places and events and have met some great and interesting people. Now, I am composing original guitar pieces, working with Donna in her music production and writing original  teaching material for guitar.